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  • +91-8917426737 (0900-1800 Hrs. IST)

We deliver highly immersive journeys that create productive learning environments !

Use your own competence framework or choose from our inventory of 72 competencies.

Make your assessment screens as per your branding guidelines related to logo, colour, text details etc.

Dedicated support for users during the complete program duration. A guarateed uptime of over 99% provided.

Apart from the traditional tools add simulation-based assessments to the mix to capture ability to apply competencies in real-like situations

Our neuroscience models are powered by a science-backed, fairness-first approach to assessments that candidates and employees love to engage with.

Based on your approval the reports may or may not be available in the Users' accounts.

The development journey design created by us is a rich mix of online and offline andragogy tools. From workshops to webinars to off-workplace sessions, we do it all. Our tools like simulations, nudges, profilers etc. get embeded appropriately in the above irrespective of the design.

Social learning is a tool that runs paralell to the main design but immensely supports in reinforcing the learnings acquired. We provide forums to your participants to decipher, discuss and dissect.

You may be sitting on a pile of knowledge that is extremely specific to your organisation and very essential for the participants. Normally, no third party can replicate such content. We provide you LMS to capture such content and create quizzes around those. We provide punching in support if required.

The entire journey is tracked for time dedicated and scores obtained correlation. Every single event (offline/ online) provides an opportunity for the Process Owner to view progress at any given point in time and for any cohort.

All inputs are scored as soon as the event/ card is over/ completed by the participant. Thus, accessing reports immediately after a journey component is over is made possible.

There is no manual transfer of data across platforms as all inputs are made through a single platform. Manual transfers are subject to errors and manipulations. These issues are avoided by integrating all the inputs in an automated way and creating a single report.