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Development Journey & Behavioural Audit

A prominent Indian infrastructure company, responsible for managing several airports in India and outside, recognized the pivotal role of customer service in shaping the passenger experience. With a commitment to delivering exceptional customer service, the company aimed to design a comprehensive development journey for its trainees at its Academy, where all frontline employees are trained. The challenge was to create a scalable and impactful program to train over 8000 employees in customer service excellence. Additionally, the company sought a partner to conduct post-training behavioural audits and provide real-time analytics through an online platform for live reporting.

To meet the client's ambitious objectives, our team collaborated closely with the Indian infrastructure company to design and implement a transformative development journey for customer service excellence.

  1. Customized Development Journey: Understanding the specific requirements and challenges of the airport environment, we crafted a customized development journey focused on customer service excellence. The journey covered a wide range of topics, including empathy, effective communication, problem-solving, and conflict resolution.
  2. Scalable Training Solutions: To cater to the vast number of frontline employees, we devised scalable training solutions. These included a combination of in-person workshops, e-learning modules, and on-the-job training to ensure accessibility and effectiveness.
  3. Behavioural Audits: Post-training, our trained auditors conducted behavioural audits to assess the extent of the application of learned skills in real-life scenarios by the learners. This audit provided valuable insights into the impact of the development journey on employees' on-the-job performance.
  4. Real-time Analytics Platform: An advanced online platform was developed to provide real-time analytics and reporting. This platform enabled the company's leadership to track progress, monitor behavioural changes, and identify areas for further improvement.

The transformative development journey for customer service excellence led to significant improvements for the Indian infrastructure company, its Academy, and its frontline employees:

  1. Enhanced Customer Experience: Frontline employees demonstrated a higher level of customer service excellence, resulting in improved passenger experience and satisfaction levels.
  2. Consistent Training Across Locations: The scalable training solutions allowed all 8000+ employees, regardless of their location, to receive consistent and standardized customer service training.
  3. Data-driven Decision Making: The real-time analytics platform provided valuable data for decision-making and identifying trends, enabling the company to make data-driven improvements in its customer service strategies.
  4. Improved Employee Engagement: The development journey empowered employees to take ownership of their roles and provided them with the tools to deliver exceptional customer service, leading to increased employee engagement.
  5. Positive Reputation and Brand Image: As the company's customer service excellence became more evident, its reputation and brand image as a customer-centric organization were strengthened.

Gaurav Agarwal, VP-New Initiatives

The Development Journey for new hires was very well designed by Humanlinks. A mix of classroom sessions along with several simulations and profilers were quite immersive for the participants. The behavioural audits conducted subsequent to the Journey clearly showed how the needle moved. The behavioural audit tool developed by Humanlinks was an interesting innovation.