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Developmental Journey


The MLP360 is an instrument designed to provide focus on specific development needs. It captures perceptions of colleagues created by observing certain behaviour of a leader at the workplace. This test is based on 12 competencies. This is a comprehensive and holistic assessment process that gathers feedback on an individual's performance, behaviour, and competencies from a variety of sources. This feedback typically comes from supervisors, peers, subordinates, and sometimes even external stakeholders. The purpose of 360-degree feedback is to provide a well-rounded and accurate view of an individual's strengths, areas for improvement, and overall performance. Here's why you should use MLP360:

·         Comprehensive Assessment: 360-degree feedback provides a broader and more balanced assessment by incorporating perspectives from multiple sources who interact with the individual in different capacities.

·         Self-Awareness: Individuals gain insights into their strengths and development areas from a diverse range of perspectives, enhancing self-awareness and promoting personal growth.

·         360-Degree View: The feedback captures a 360-degree view of the individual's behaviour, taking into account their interactions with colleagues, team members, and supervisors.

·         Skill Development: The feedback offers guidance on specific competencies and behaviors that need development, allowing individuals to tailor their professional growth efforts.

·         Leadership Development: 360-degree feedback is particularly valuable for leadership development, helping leaders understand their impact on different stakeholders and fine-tune their leadership approach.

·         Identifying Blind Spots: Feedback from various sources can uncover blind spots that individuals may not be aware of, leading to more well-rounded self-assessment.

·         Objective Evaluation: By incorporating perspectives from different sources, 360-degree feedback aims to reduce biases and provide a more objective evaluation.

·         Succession Planning: Organizations use 360-degree feedback to identify high-potential employees for future leadership roles and tailor development plans accordingly.

The complete process is given below:

Mid-Level Manager Developmental Feedback

30 minutes

Senior Management

English+Other Indian Languages on Request

MLP360 is a powerful tool for individual development, leadership growth, and enhancing organizational performance. When implemented effectively, it provides a holistic and comprehensive view of an individual's performance and behaviour, enabling informed decision-making and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.