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Participant Feedback

Mohammed Rashid

The simulation gave me a broad exposure to a real world corporate management case. It was really effective and the exercise have helped me to structure the thinking process and decision making.

Shishir Rath
NHPC Limited

1. It was a great learning opportunity attending the business simulation game. 2. The whole program was well planned, excellently explained and delivered by the co-ordinator Shri Debasish Das.

Vandana Grover
Air Liquide India

I am very much impressed...I would like to congratulate for such a big success and all my best wishes for your future success.


I was very impressed...extremely well done and with tons of useful information.

N Nafiz
Trans Maldivian Airways Pvt. Ltd.

The overall exercise content was excellent. Also the aseesment part and examples used were brilliant. The facilitator was really helpful and described each part with great care.

Krishna Ganeriwal
Aditya Birla

It was really very insightful and useful program. Very Interactive.

Kritika Srivastava
Glenmark Pharma

Firstly I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity for the simulation, which was very much application-oriented and it gave me the idea of how interviews are conducted, and also with the help of the result I got to know a lot about my preparation and knowledge.

B Himesh Babu

Excellent simulation! Nice analysis tool of learning.

Amal Augustine
Change et AI

The simulation is very good. It helped me to understand the efforts to be put in by me in the areas of attention to detail, critical thinking, logical reasoning and problem-solving.

Preeti Rana

It was really an informative and great experience. I came to know about many things through this simulation.

Nitesh Kumar

Have attempted both the assigned cards and found completely accessible. I have submitted the test as well. Platform does not seem to be complicated, it is very easy to use.

Dominic Savio
AIMS Bangalore

I really appreciate the way Sir gave instructions and helped us. Today's session helped me to understand various things to be taken care of while attending an interview and the simulation was so helpful that it felt like a real interview.

Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy
LPU Chandigarh

The case was very challenging for me. It needs critical thinking ability and analytical thinking skills. What I learned was I have to develop my analytical thinking skills.

Laurel Pasricha
Kurukshetra University

Loved the simulation. This helps in brainstorming and think critically given the facts and conditions. Really enjoyed the simulation game.

Pandit Gargi Aniruddha
Amity University

It was a good game. I had a good time doing critical thinking. I never played any simulation like this one, so it was certainly difficult. I got some answers wrong but I learnt that I should use all the data given and then take decisions accordingly.

KIIT School of Management

The simulation was very interesting and interactive. I enjoyed it a lot.

Joshua Edwin Ragul G J

Thanks for giving us this opportunity. The scenarios were challenging. Looking forward to the next round and new set of challenges!

Shaswata Saha
IIM Bangalore

Wonderful game! Gave a lovely real world scenario in a gamified manner.

Akanksha Shashikant

It was very intersting and we enjoyed being part of it.

Johnson Mathai
Schneider Electric

It's an eye opener to me. Once seen the result I understood where am I now and need to improve.

Deepali Mishra
Suzuki Motorcycle

Very interesting and close to real-life media buying scenarios.

Sameer Dubey

The experience in terms of learning and applying the concepts was good.

Nidhi Kanth

Excellent simulation for application of BFSI sales. The simulation had a super interface.

Jayesh Dhareshwar
SFL India

Wonderful simulation with good insights...Will definitely use it for future deals with customers for fruitful and win-win conclusions.

Shivam Chauhan
Glenmark Pharma

I had a very new experience via this simulation and it was a good one. I agree with the result and I will try to work on my interview skills. And I will look forward to more such simulations.

Manas Ranjan Swain

I here came to know how different parameters affect the progress of any business. All the parameters of a business are very much essential. They should be controlled in a judicious manner to improve the business process.

To improve sales productivity, human resource management is most important. Proper planning and executing the decision which is taken at the managerial level is very necessary.

Today's training on business simulation program is a very necessary tool to understand the running and managing of a business.

Srinivas Thumallapalli
KPMG Peat Marwick

Excellent concept...All the very success to the pioneering initiative...

Seema Budhiraj

The business simulation game was a great experience. Managing an organization is not as easy as it seems and cost cannot be the only criteria to achieve managerial effectiveness.

Santosh K Behera

I was very glad to be a part of this program and this type of interesting brain storming has never done in recent times. The game was so enjoyable that I could not notice how fast the day got over and we came to the end of the session. The activity was so interesting that the brakes seemed less provoking and all other activities took the back seat. It was really an experience of it's own kind. I am loking forward to these types of activities more in recent times and hope to come with certain preparedness to bring out the best out of it, me included.

Bikash Behera

I got a brief idea about the different parameters of the business world and about the progress and productivity of a company. I also got an brief idea about how the office is controlled and how decision-making is a very vital issue. To improve the sales productivity, human resourse management is most important. The proper planning and executing the managerial decision which is taken in the managerial level is very important.

Shivam Chauhan
Glenmark Pharma

I had a very new experience via this simulation and it was an excellent one. I agree with the result and I will try to work on my interviewing skills, I will look forward to more such simulations.

Shashwat Khajuria

Great way to find the hidden abilities of a person who is unable to show those in open. Enjoyed a lot and want to do such kinds of tests again and again.

Biswajit Raha
Daikin India

This is very interesting because I have to respond quickly which actually enables me to realize actual patterns that help to understand situations.

S.Hari Krishnan
TFL India

Excellent tool to analyze the usefulness per rupee spent. This is the major challenge as budget is always a limitation in any organization. Good feedback for teams as well, to discuss and then come up with a plan.